Photo by Andrea Costa
Caribbean PiratesPhoto by Andrea CostaCaribbean PiratesCaribbean PiratesCaribbean PiratesCaribbean PiratesCaribbean PiratesPhoto by Andrea CostaPhoto by Andrea CostaPhoto by Andrea CostaPhoto by Andrea CostaPhoto by Andrea CostaPhoto by Andrea CostaPhoto by Andrea CostaPhoto by Andrea Costa

Caribbean Pirates

From: 114,00 $


Children up to 12 years old.

* Children must be accompanied for at least one adult.

Valid from November 1st, 2016 until October 31st, 2017 (both dates are included).

Prepare ye for a journey back in time – to“days o’ yore”- where an unforgettable adventure awaits thee. Enter an authentic pirate village, where Captain Jack Blackand his crew be signing on new recruits to join their pirate band.




Product Description


Let our pirates take you to the most epic treasure map quest where you will snorkel with sharks and interact with stingrays at Shark Island. Explore the coral reef and brace for possible attacks from rogue pirates!

You are welcomed by our high color pirate crew and board the mighty pirate ship Hispañola. As soon as the ship set sails, you, new pirates’ recruits, will receive the necessary training on how to become a true pirate. You also will be given instructions on how to use your snorkeling gear, as the first stop of the treasure map hunt will be in an unspoiled natural reef, where you will enjoy a spectacular snorkeling experience in pristine water, observing colorful fishes and coral formations.

Back on board, fresh fruits and non-alcoholic beverages are served, while tension arises within the crew of old pirates. Nevertheless, the hunt must go on and the ship soon reaches Shark Island. There, an epic treasure map hunt will take you to swim with sharks, interact with stingrays with the safest interaction program in the world.

But beware! Rogue pirates may hinder your quest for the map. Prepare yourself to witness fierce swordfights, breathtaking stunts and partake in true pirate life. Pirates are eager to win the final battle and share with their guests and successful new recruits a well-deserved celebration with dances and fun.


We celebrate the well-earned victory with a spectacular feast – andof course, a pirate toast with Rum! Upon returning to the vessel, the roguescallywags return – this time “armed to the teeth”. Get ready for an epic pirate battle, where the best swashbucklers in the Caribbean face off. The final melee runs amuck, all over the entire vessel – as the crewuses every resource they have to not be defeated.

The evening continues complete with action, adventure – and a few unexpected surprises. As the voyage comes to a close, we celebrate with the “victors” until we make land again & finally return to our respective safe havens back on Terra Firme.

But remember – once you have taken the pirate oath… Ye always be a Pirate!


Live unique adventures!


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